Thursday, 18 February 2010

Here at Yamasa, we do a lot of written homework. So when my private lesson lead teacher, Matsuyama-sensei, suggested that I develop the habit of writing a Japanese diary, to be presented and corrected daily, I stifled an inner groan.

How could I sugar-coat this task or render it more appealing? Option (1): slip in outrageous lies and see if my teacher notices / blushes / no longer requests diary. Probably not the done thing in Japan. Option (2): buy something with an attractive design from the 100-yen shop in the hope I will take pride in ensuring the contents live up to its cover. (At the risk of being blatantly sexist, experience of working in a secondary school suggests this is the kind of thing only girls do.)

And here it is: my new diary, with its "chirruped forest" logo. A catchprase which, astonishingly, yields two search results when googled.

It has quickly become one of my current favourite 'Engrish' possessions, possibly overtaking my 'Terrific power!' multi-purpose-claptrap storage case (see below), which gives me such a great sense of liberty whether I'm storing peanuts or carrying my electric toothbrush overseas. (I plan to submit the latter to the magnificent

Whilst on the subject of Engrish, here are two of the best T-shirt designs I have seen worn, in all likelihood innocently and obliviously, by Japanese (photos taken during previous visits to Japan):

from 2008, taken at Matsue Castle: "for 6[9,000] yen, esta Puta will let you take the shirt off her back".

from 2009, Kyoto: "Save the Planet. We are the World Banana Seven".

If you're also a fan, you might want to stop by, where I am a repeat customer. Their T-shirts make for memorable birthday presents.  
Sure beats Frankie Says...

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